Weather in Chamonix

The weather in Chamonix is a typically mountain one with sudden temperature changes even during one single day. The resort, which is in the way of the Western ocean currents, benefits from a moist climate, with rainy summers and snow rich winters. The chilly weather, but with a lot of sun, during summers may reach maximums of 24 Celsius degrees while at the opposite end there are temperatures of -7 degrees, encountered especially during January.

As to the altitude, the weather conditions may see spectacular changes, with low temperatures in the valley, which increase with climbing the mountains where the sun is stronger. Also the high summer humidity, amplified by the instable air pressure lead to the creation of clouds in the morning that degenerate in torrential rains towards the evening.

If you wish to know the real time weather in Chamonix or if you wish to see a weather forecast during the period of your holiday, you may do that here Weather forecast in Chamonix

Weather Forecast at Chamonix-Meteo

Weather forecasts for Chamonix-Mont-Blanc region on website. On this website you can find meteorological information regarding the weather conditions at Chamonix, minimum and maximum temperatures, atmospheric pressure variation, snow conditions, wind speed and direction. The website reports live from three different weather stations located at Chamonix-ville, Aiguille du Midi and Le Lac Blanc.

Weather at meteofrance

Weather forecasts for up to 10 days in advance at Minimum and maximum temperatures at Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc, snow conditions and precipitations, wind direction and speed, atmospheric pressure variation, visibility, etc.

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